Children's Mental Health

We firmly belief that how a child views themselves has an impact on their mental health and their ability to bounce back as they grow up.

Children's wellbeing is at the core of what we do. UNICEF (2018) recognised that children learn the most in the first five years of life and what happens in those years will ultimately shape their future. At Honeybees we make time for all the children within our care and take special measures to create firm attachments from when a child steps through our doors for the first time. Our aim is to become a 'significant person' in the lives of the children and then play a crucial role in helping them to develop resilience.

Above all we strive to become role-models for children and set by example.
We make no apologies for being tactile and giving cuddles and hugs.
Children need to be loved.

Honeybees Preschool is Ofsted Registered